15 Places You Can Live for $2500 Per Month

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Is living on a budget of $2500 per month possible in the United States? It is possible. If you are tired of paying sky-high rent, buying expensive food and utilities, and recreation options, check out these 15 affordable places you can call home. 

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Albany, New York

New York and affordable?! It is if you know where to look – like Albany! Albany has a diverse neighborhood, with rental options in the range of $1000 to $1400 in its redone Warehouse District or the Center Square for Victorian-era apartments. The city design makes it easy to walk or take a bike anywhere. The extensive bus network saves car costs. Albany is a vibrant city with an eclectic mix of cafes and shops, free concerts and galleries, and affordable food options. 

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Augusta, Georgia

The “Garden City of the South”, Augusta is a blend of affordability, beautiful outdoors, and cultural charm. Spacious apartments and bungalows in downtown areas and historical neighborhoods cost under $1200. Groceries and utilities cost less than its big city counterparts. For entertainment and recreation, you can catch a performance at the Augusta Players Theatre, stroll at the Augusta Canal Walk and the Augusta Botanical Gardens, attend various concerts at the James Brown Arena, and enjoy unlimited Southern hospitality. 

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Boise, Idaho 

If you are looking for an affordable place with tons of outdoor exploration options, Boise is the place to be! Its many outdoor recreational options and stunning mountain scenery, alongwith rentals available under $1500, will make you feel right at home. You can spend your days biking, rafting, hiking, and skiing. Rentals in smaller neighborhoods cost even less, around $800! Boise has a thriving community of local markets, free concerns, and countless festivals, and so much more. 

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Burlington, Vermont 

Forget about the famous mountain resorts and ski lodges that Burlington is famous for! If you prefer hillside neighborhoods and quietude, Burlington is the place to be. You can rent an apartment for around $1000 and spend the rest on utilities, groceries, and some more. Ditch the car and adopt a walking lifestyle. Stroll along the waterfront park, the Church Street marketplace, join yoga classes, borrow a kayak, buy fresh produce from the local farmers’ market, and join the local art scene. 

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Des Moines, Iowa

Whether you want a modern above or an old world charm, you can rent it for $1000 – $1500 in Des Moines. Wherever you decide to live, you will be near the local restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment zones – all just a biking or walking distance away. Des Moines has a vibrant indoor and outdoor cultural scene. It is a foodie’s paradise with its budget-friendly eating options. Lunch specials start under $10! There are numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year as well. 

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Durham, North Carolina

You can rent historic houses in vibrant neighborhoods like Old West Durham and Trinity Heights for under $1500. Move beyond the city-center and open yourself to a new lifestyle. Independent shopping stores, trendy cafes, walkable and bikeable streets, weekend hikes and picnics are ready to welcome you. Watch movies, stroll around its museums, attend sporting events, and yes, do not forget Durham’s culinary scene – that’s a revelation! 

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Fargo, North Dakota

The midwestern city does not usually come to mind for affordable living but it is really possible to live within $2500 with smart financial planning. Compared to the national average, housing cost is significantly lower (around $1300), even lower for historic houses. The dependable public bus system keeps travel costs low. Local grocery chains and utility services do not burn a hole in the pocket. You have free and affordable entertainment in local museum tours and theater and movie screenings.

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Fort Smith, Arkansas

Fort Smith is a haven for budget-controlled living. Historical bungalows in downtown quieter neighborhoods are available for under $1100, and that leaves money for groceries and utilities which is extremely affordable. You can get bike rentals at the Arkansas River Trail, buy fresh produce from the local farmers’ market, eat at quaintly lovely home cafes, participate in local festivals, hike on the Ozark Mountains, and so much more! 

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Grand Rapids, Michigan 

With family-friendly attractions, thriving arts scene, and upcoming startups, the second largest city of Michigan has spacious apartments to offer. You can rent redone apartments in the downtown market area for under $1500. You could spend a day exploring the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, catch a concert in the evening, or lazily stroll around its numerous craft beer cafes. 

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Huntsville, Alabama 

If you want to enjoy the Southern charm alongside thriving job opportunities, Huntsville is the place to be. The efficient infrastructure and management of the city has been able to keep the costs low for residents; an apartment or a bungalow is available at $1500 or less per month. Huntsville is also known for technology and aerospace job opportunities, apart from education, healthcare, and retail options. 

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Lincoln, Nebraska

An university town with a laid back vibe, Lincoln offers charming housing options with good city views. One-bedroom apartments can cost around $1000. There are tons of community events and free outdoor concerns to keep the residents occupied. You can grab craft beer at the neighborhood brewery, support local businesses through its independent shops and eateries, catch a film at the Sunken Gardens cinema, and so much more. 

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Rochester, New York 

A historic city of the banks of Ontario lake, Rochester is perfect for families and individuals looking to make a budget-conscious choice. Even though it is a bustling city, the cost of living is lower compared to other states. An apartment can cost around $1500, the Rochester City Area Transit System saves commute costs, groceries are affordable, and you are still left with money to fund entertainment and recreation. It is a haven for biking and hiking enthusiasts, and history buffs. 

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Savannah, Georgia

A bit tricky but doable! Ditch the downtown and delve deeper into Savannah’s historic charm present in neighborhoods like Ardsley Park and the Victorian District. Bungalows there are around $1500 monthly. Savannah is the place to be for a slow and intentional lifestyle. You may not have the fancy boutique and the Michelin-star restaurants, its vintage finds and home-cooked meals with a warm and friendly community makes up for it. Ditch the car and start walking in the clear breeze for amazing health. 

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Toledo, Ohio

You can snag an impressive apartment for under $1000, shocked?! An often overlooked place, Toledo is a thriving city of culture, arts, and architecture. You will love Toledo if you also love the outdoors. You can hike at the Oak Openings Preserve, bike along the Maumee River, catch a baseball game, tour its many art galleries and the world-class Toledo Museum of Art. Enjoy fresh produce from the farmers’ market and spend your days immersing in its midwestern culture. 

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chandler did not know what he was agreeing to but you know! The midwestern charm, combined with an urban energy, at an affordable price cannot be missed. Rental options in neighborhoods like Kendall-Whittier or Brookside start at $1000 per month. Rent historical bungalows at $1500 per month. Transportation, utilities, and groceries will not break the bank either. You will have funds left for exploring the vibrant cultural, art, and culinary scene at Tulsa. 


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