The Best Sandwich Shop In Every State

Are there many things as universally beloved as a sandwich? No matter what your tastes are, you’re likely to find something to put between two slices of bread that will suit your palate. And honestly, just about every world cuisine has its own version.  This, sadly, makes determining something as broad as “the best sandwich shop in every state” a bit of a hurdle. But not to worry, we accepted that challenge to bring you a lineup of 50 shops you should put on your bucket list. Hungry yet? Let’s dive in.

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Alabama: Regina’s Kitchen

Regina’s Kitchen at 1801 15th St. is one of the best lunch spots in Mobile.  A variety of delicious sandwiches are served here, including its famous Reuben sandwich, a house special consisting of corned beef, sour kraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing between two slices of rye bread. It has a 108 rating on Yelp!

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Alaska: MVP Sports Deli & Eatery

Alaska is a gigantic state and only one shop in the state can be called “the best”: the MVP Sports Deli & Eatery in Anchorage.  The MVP is the best sandwich shop in the state of Alaska. Popular sandwich orders include the Slam Dunk, which consists of thinly sliced Italian beef dunked in homemade gravy and topped with provolone, and the MVP signature, with homemade pastrami and Italian white cheddar cheese sauce garnished with relish.

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Arizona: Sirens Cafe

What can you find in Arizona? Well, a lot of sand, for one thing. Another thing is a sandwich shop called Sirens Cafe in Kingman.  You must try the Curry Tito: chicken mixed with tart apples, craisins, cashews, and green onions between two slices of thick, homemade wheat bread. Sure, it might sound like a weird combination, but it tastes delicious.

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Arkansas: Ozark Mountain Bagel

You’ll find some of the best sandwiches in Arkansas at Ozark Mountain Bagel in Bentonville. The go-to here is “The Big Pig”. It consists of sausage, bacon, and ham with egg. Not just tasty, it can fill your belly for the entire day!

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California: Saigon Sandwich House

When you are here, you might want to order the Vietnamese special called SAIGON BÁNH MÌ THỊT NGUỘI- SAIGON COMBINATION, which has pork belly slices and ham on a freshly baked Vietnamese baguette, served with cucumber, carrot pickles, and coriander.

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Colorado: Snarf’s Sub Shop

Snarf’s Sub Shop uses only the freshest ingredients, including hand-sliced premium meats and cheeses, crisp vegetables, a proprietary blend of giardiniera peppers, and homemade oven-toasted bread, Snarf has the tastiest sandwiches in Colorado. No matter which you pick, you can’t go wrong.

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Connecticut: Press On Sandwich Crafters

Connecticut is a small state, which makes picking the best sandwich place an easy task. All you need to do to find the best sandwich in the state is head on over to Press On Sandwich Crafters.  Press On Sandwich Crafters in North Stonington is known statewide as the place to grab a bite. Here, you would want to order the Holy Grail sandwich, a rye bread sandwich with pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickled egg, coleslaw, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.

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Delaware: Loannoni’s Bullroasters

Delaware’s finest sandwich shop wasn’t easy to pick. The state is completely inundated with fantastic food options. One stands head and shoulders above the rest, though, and it’s not the kind of place you might expect: Loannoni’s Bullroasters in New Castle. Its roast beef is a family recipe, and workers hand-carve every slice. It has hearty size sandwiches, some between 20-22 inches long. When you are here, do not miss out on the sandwiches with roast beef and cheese!

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Florida: Wright’s Gourmet House

Florida is a huge state, but only one sandwich shop can be called the best. Believe it or not, it’s in Tampa. We’re choosing Wright’s Gourmet House, hands down. It has a lot of tasty sandwiches, but the go-to here will be the Beef Martini! It consists of rare roast beef, mushrooms marinated in white wine, crisp bacon slices, and garlic and herb spread on butter crust white bread. This is a family recipe, so it’s safe to say you won’t find this combo anywhere but at Wright’s.

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Georgia: The Companion

Georgia is a state completely stuffed full of cities that sport tasty sandwich shops. Only one of them is definitively the best in the state though, and that’s The Companion in Atlanta. Whether you order the tempura-battered fried fish sandwich, or the Crunchwrap du jour, you are in for the best treat. And, yes, that Crunchwrap is modeled after the Taco Bell sandwich. And, yes, that Crunchwrap is truly delicious. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a gourmet take on a fast-food classic.

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Hawaii: EARL Kaimuki

The beautiful tropical locales of Hawaii might not be the first place you envision when you hear the words “sandwich shop.” After all, this is a state known for its love of spam. But, there is one establishment we wholeheartedly recommend: EARL Kaimuki. EARL Kaimuki has the tastiest sandwiches in Hawaii. It has a variety of selections, but the French Dip is a must. It consists of striploin, chimichurri, roasted garlic mayo, fennel onion marmalade, and pepper jack. A must-have.

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Idaho: Best Sandwich Shack Idaho

Idaho is known for its potatoes, its wide-open plains, and its wealth of small-town charm. Among the most charming aspects of these localities are its eating establishments. If you’re on the lookout for the best sandwich shop in the state, you actually don’t need to look too far. The place is literally called “Best Sandwich Shack Idaho.” No, seriously! Best Sandwich Shack Idaho has a really delicious variety of sandwiches! You should try some, if not every, sandwich on the menu.

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Illinois: Mr. Submarine

The home state of Chicago is chock full of fine establishments. From delis to lunch counters and everything in between, there is no shortage of downright delectable handheld food items to be found in Illinois. Mr. Submarine serves some of the most delicious sandwiches that you can find in Chicago. The next time you are in the windy city and need to fill your belly with a great sandwich, head to one of its multiple locations. You’ll need the calories to stay warm when the cold wind comes in from the lake.

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Indiana: Subito

Indiana’s known for its… questionable use of mayonnaise in its distinctly Midwestern cuisine. Some haters might even question the use of the word “cuisine” to describe food from Indiana. Those people are mean. Subito in Indianapolis is a soup and sandwich shop that’s ready to change your mind about food in Indiana. From a Cuban made with house-roasted pork and black forest ham to the Torta stuffed with slow-cooked shredded pork shoulder, this is clearly the go-to sandwich spot in Indiana.

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Iowa: Her Soup Kitchen

Have you ever been to Iowa? If so, you might have been wondering where you could scrounge up a good sandwich. The good news is, there are some excellent places to pop in for a quick bite when you’re passing through the state. At Her Soup Kitchen, employees serve some of the best sandwiches you can get in the state with freshly baked bread and fresh seasonal ingredients. While every sandwich is tasty, you might not want to miss out on the turkey, brie, and cranberry sandwich.

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Kansas: M & M Bierock

The wide, open state of Kansas is one of the flattest places on Earth. You can see for miles around, and if you squint, you might be able to see the best little sandwich shop in the state. Carry on, and make your way to M & M Bierock. The bierock is a yeast roll stuffed with things like beef, cabbage, onions, and seasonings. It’s a traditional sandwich brought to the region by a large community of Germans who settled in the Great Plains in the 1800s. M & M is entirely dedicated to the local favorite.

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Kentucky: The Brown Hotel

Kentucky is a state best known for being at the center of arguments regarding whether it’s actually a Southern state and whether the best fried chicken comes from there. In any event, there’s definitely one spot that serves up the best sandwiches in the state: The Brown Hotel. Ask for the “Hot Brown Sandwich,” a specialty created at the Brown Hotel in the 1920s. The traditional sandwich contains roasted turkey breast, toast points, Mornay sauce, and Pecorino Romano cheese. After the whole thing’s baked, the employees add bacon and tomatoes and serve it hot and steamy.

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Louisiana: The Central Grocery

Louisiana is as celebrated for its food as its music and culture. As such, it’s tough to pick a single spot as the very best sandwich place in the state. Here’s an attempt, though: The Central Grocery in New Orleans. The Central Grocery serves seriously delicious sandwiches, and it has a wide variety. When you are there, you might want to try the muffuletta, which consists of cured meats, provolone, mozzarella, and olive spread, all on a distinct loaf of bread that makes this a quintessential New Orleans favorite.

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Maine: Bennett’s Store

Maine is the northernmost state in the continental US and is known for its unique climate and delicious food. If you’re looking for a great place to grab a bite to eat in the state, make sure you drop into a hole-in-the-wall in Kennebunk. Bennett’s Store, a quaint eatery, serves the most mouth-watering sandwiches in Maine. Not only are they tasty, but you’ll never leave hungry with the size of these things. The store is well-regarded for its unique sandwich rolls, which are dense, soft, and sub-like.

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Maryland: Vagabond Sandwich Company

Maryland is the gateway to the South and is home to a unique blend of Southern food and Mid-Atlantic cuisine. If you’re looking for the best place to grab a bite to eat in the state, you’re in luck. You need only drop in Vagabond Sandwich Company in Bel Air to eat like a king. One of its most popular dishes is its blackened chicken sandwich, which is served on a hoagie roll and comes with a side of kettle chips.

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Massachusetts: Mike & Patty’s

When you think about food in Massachusetts, you might be wondering where you’d even start looking. Well, the answer is “not far,” as the best place to eat in the state, naturally, is in Boston: Mike & Patty’s. When you are there, you might want to try “The Fancy” which consists of two fried eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, red onion, and house-mayo on toasted multigrain. Or there’s the Grilled Crack, a combination of fried egg, double bacon, American, cheddar, Swiss, and gruyere on buttered sourdough.

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Michigan: Alcamo’s Market

Alcamo’s Market in Dearborn, Michigan, is the best sandwich shop in the entire state of Michigan. What makes this traditional sandwich shop is its rare Italian ingredients you can’t even find in big supermarkets. You might not think of Michigan as the kind of state to sport some of the best Italian-style sandwiches in the country. Well, you’d be wrong! Alcamo’s Market is renowned among locals and travelers alike as one of the best places to eat in the state.

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Minnesota: Hello Pizza

Minnesota is a unique state, home to quite a bizarre blend of cultures and climates that all coalesce around the Twin Cities. If you’re ever in Minneapolis and looking for a delicious bite, you have a lot of great options at your fingertips. The best option, however, is Hello Pizza in Edina. This establishment serves a Korean-style meatball sub that marries Italian and Korean flavors into a sweet and spicy crescendo. The combination of Italian spices and Korean gochujang sauce makes for one of the most unique dishes you’ll ever try.

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Mississippi: The Grind Coffee and Nosh

The Grind Coffee and Nosh is the place to go to get something delicious and substantial to help you get through your day. It has a wide variety of options, ranging from classic roast beef to old-school cheddar sandwiches. Its specialty is a crumbled Italian sausage and mozzarella number. This sandwich is topped with roasted red peppers and caramelized onions. As you might expect, this is called “The Soprano.” Thankfully for food fans, this Soprano ends on a much more satisfying note than the show it’s named after!

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Missouri: Crown Candy Kitchen

Missouri is a state known for its incredible cuisine, but for in terms of sandwiches, look no further than Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis. Its signature sandwich is its BLT, which had the restaurant featured on national television. It’s that good!

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Montana: Tagliare Deli

Montana, true Big Sky Country through-and-through, isn’t just a wide-open space of beautiful natural landscapes. If you’re traveling through the area, you can easily find a great place to grab a bite. There are also some absolutely wonderful eateries in the state, like Tagliare Deli, for instance. Tagliare Delicatessen sports some of the best sandwiches in Montana. It’s located in Missoula and offers a downright mouthwatering array of sandwiches, ranging from turkey to Italian and even veggie sandwiches.

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Nebraska: The Cabin Bar and Grill

Nebraska doesn’t exactly stand out for its cuisine. This isn’t to say there’s nothing good to eat in Nebraska, but that a traveler might not even know where to start looking for a bite to eat in the state. If you find yourself in the region and want a top-tier sandwich, head to Omaha and look for The Cabin Bar and Grill. When you get there, order a pork tenderloin sandwich. You’ll thank us later. Seriously, this place is fantastic.

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Nevada: Earl of Sandwich

Nevada is known for its scenic desert locales and its crown jewel city, Las Vegas. It’s also known for delicious food. Nevada’s finest sandwich shop is an eatery named the Earl of Sandwich. In addition to the charming name, the restaurant also serves up some top-quality food. Its sandwiches are made with quality ingredients and its famous artisan bread, baked fresh when you order. It follows a traditional family recipe prepared with fresh ingredients, and its menu truly pays tribute to sandwiches.

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New Hampshire: Purple Tomato

If you’re ever in the Granite State, and you’re looking for the best sandwich around, you’re never far from the Purple Tomato in Lincoln. This unassuming shop serves up some of the best food you’ll ever try. Its signature sandwiches will make your mouth water and will sate almost any hunger. It naturally serves up salads, too, so you’ve got options!

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New Jersey: White House Sub Shop

Where can you find the best sandwich in New Jersey? Well, here’s the thing: if you’re not from New Jersey, almost any sandwich shop you stumble into is going to serve you up one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever had in your entire life. This is Jersey we’re talking about. If you are from Jersey, you’re reading this article to see what shop we listed as being the best in Jersey. So, know this: we were never going to make everyone happy. The best sandwiches in Jersey are found at White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City. Please don’t hate us.

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New Mexico: Bocadillos

Albuquerque is famous for a few things. First, it’s famous for having a funny-sounding name that Bugs Bunny uses as a punchline for one-off gags. It’s also famous for being the setting for Breaking Bad and its prequel, Better Call Saul. And, for those in the know, it’s famous for a sandwich shop called Bocadillos. Bocadillos serves a sandwich called The Duke City Reuben. When you visit, order this sandwich. It will give you a new appreciation for the city of Albuquerque.

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New York: D&M Bakery

Remember that part of the New Jersey entry where we said that if you’re not from New Jersey, pretty much every sandwich shop in the state will serve you a life-changingly good sandwich? Okay, that applies to New York, too. Seriously, this part of the world has amazing food. If you’re looking for the very best sandwiches in New York, though, you need to look for D&M Bakery, a Chinese bakery in New York City on Essex. It serves a fried chicken sandwich that will make your taste buds tap dance on top of your tongue.

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North Carolina: The Havana

The best sandwich in North Carolina isn’t in Charlotte. It isn’t found in Asheville or Raleigh, either. No, the best sandwich in North Carolina is found in a city named Durham. And in that city, there’s a deli called the Old Havana Sandwich Shop. The best sandwich it serves is unsurprisingly a Cuban sandwich called The Havana. It’s to die for. It’s probably the best Cuban you can find outside of, well, Cuba. You’ve got to try this place the next time you’re in the Southeast.

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North Dakota: Bonzer’s Sandwich Pub

Bonzer’s Sandwich Pub is the best sandwich place in North Dakota. Bonzer’s is widely known for their Reuben sandwich, a staple of deli menus, that comes with corned beef, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. It’s a weird combination of flavors and textures, but it all works. Bonzer’s might be the best Reuben you’ll ever taste.

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Ohio: Slyman’s

Slyman’s Sandwich Shop in Ohio is renowned for its colossal corned beef sandwiches, a Cleveland staple, serving up hearty deli classics in a friendly atmosphere.

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Oklahoma: Bison Witches Bar & Deli

Bison Witches Bar & Deli offers a unique dining experience with a diverse menu of hearty sandwiches, flavorful soups, and a variety of brews in a cozy setting. It serves a Slamwich that is sort of like a modified Reuben, and it’ll make your tongue happy. It’s got pastrami, coleslaw, Russian mustard, and Swiss cheese between croissant slices. Texas doesn’t have anything like this.

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Oregon: Baguette Vietnamese Sandwiches

When you get into the Pacific Northwest, you start seeing a lot of Southeast Asian food places. Baguette Vietnamese Sandwiches serves up authentic banh mi with fresh, vibrant ingredients, offering a fusion of flavors packed into crusty bread for a delicious, quick meal.

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Pennsylvania: Jim’s Steaks

If you’re looking for the best sandwich in Pennsylvania, march on over to Philadelphia and get yourself a Philly cheesesteak. It doesn’t matter where you go. The sandwich is going to knock your socks off. Some people swear by Pat’s and Geno’s, but we give top billing to Jim’s Steaks.

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Rhode Island: Hudson Street Deli

Hudson Street Deli in Providence serves steamed and stuffed sandwiches that will give you a new appreciation for cuisine from New England. Its signature sandwich is a dish called The Armory. What’s in it? Pastrami, chopped with banana peppers, cooked with hot sauce, salt & pepper, provolone, & garlic mayo pressed on a small grinder roll.

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South Carolina: Ted’s Butcherblock

South Carolina is a state distinguished for its gorgeous landscapes, friendly people, and astonishing Southern cuisine. You really can’t go wrong in SC when it comes to finding a bite to eat. If you’re dead-set on finding the best sandwich though, head to Charleston and find a shop called Ted’s Butcherblock. While you’re there, order anything on the menu. You’re standing in one of the finest establishments in the country, not just the state.

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South Dakota: Scotty D’s Barbecue

South Dakota might not have Bonzer’s like its northern neighbor, but it does have a pretty great establishment by the name of Scotty D’s Barbecue. When you get to Scotty D’s, located in Huron, the delicious smells coming from the kitchen will strike you. This place serves the best sandwiches in the whole state, and it’s easy to see why. Some people (who aren’t from the Southeast) have gone as far as claiming Scotty D’s serves the best barbeque in the country. These people are wrong, as the best BBQ place in the country is found in Columbia, South Carolina. Scotty D’s is still pretty good, though.

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Tennessee: Mitchell Delicatessen

Tennessee, like its neighbors Georgia and North Carolina, is home to a robust history of Southern cuisine and unbeatable flavors cultivated over centuries. If you ever find yourself in Nashville, you’ll have no shortage of great eateries to try out. Mitchell Delicatessen is the number one sandwich spot in Tennessee. Located right in the heart of Nashville, it specializes in fresh artisan sandwiches using the highest quality ingredients.

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Texas: Noble Sandwich Co

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Texas for absolutely nothing. Oklahoma still has better sandwiches than the Lone Star State, and we’re not afraid to say it. If you must get a sandwich in Texas, you could make do with a bite from Noble Sandwich Co in Austin, Texas. Its signature sandwich, the Noble Pig, is actually a really tasty dish. It almost makes up for the fact that it’s not a Slamwich.

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Utah: Feldman’s

If you ever find yourself in Salt Lake City check out Feldman’s, a Jersey-style deli that actually rivals some of the establishments in the founder’s home state.

Elm Street Market via Yelp

Vermont: The Elm Street Market

If you ever find yourself in the city of Bennington, Vermont, you should head to The Elm Street Market. There, you’ll find some of the finest sandwiches you’ll ever lay eyes on. The Wild Bill sandwich is unbeatable…Blazing Buffalo Chicken, shredded iceberg lettuce, crispy french fried onions, blue cheese dressing and house made jalapeno sauce on a sub roll.

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Virginia: Earl’s Sandwiches

Virginia is home to Earl’s Sandwiches in Arlington. The eatery uses only freshly roasted ingredients, making it a unique establishment among the mostly deli-style competition. Its signature dish is the oh so excellent pork and fries sandwich.

HoneyHole Sandwiches via Yelp

Washington: HoneyHole Sandwiches

The Pacific Northwest is a unique area in that sandwich shops need to appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Seattle, in particular, has a unique demographic. As such, finding the right balance is difficult when you’re looking for a place to eat in Washington state. The best place we’ve found is an eatery called HoneyHole Sandwiches on Pike Street. It has a great selection of vegetarian options alongside its traditional sandwiches. Its signature meal, The Gooch, is a particular local favorite.

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West Virginia: Mayberry’s

Mayberry’s in Hurricane, West Virginia, charms locals with its homey vibe and comfort food. Known for generous portions, the restaurant dishes out classic American breakfasts and lunches with a smile.

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Wisconsin: Tenuta’s Deli

Tenuta’s Deli crafts delicious, hearty sandwiches with a touch of Italian authenticity. Their fresh, quality ingredients, from savory meats to aromatic cheeses, come together to create memorable, flavorful lunchtime experiences.

Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse via Yelp

Wyoming: Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse

Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse, nestled in Laramie, Wyoming, pairs literary charm with culinary delight, offering unique, freshly made sandwiches that perfectly complement the cozy ambiance of a book lover’s haven.


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