The Best Hot Dog In Each State

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Determining the “best” hot dog in each U.S. state can be quite subjective, as it often depends on personal taste preferences, local traditions, and regional variations. However, many states have hot dogs that are particularly famous or beloved by locals. Here’s a list that highlights a notable hot dog from each state, based on popularity, reputation, or uniqueness.


Alabama: Sneaky Pete’s

Known for their hot dogs with a special sauce.


Alaska: International House of Hot Dogs

Offers a variety of unique toppings.


Arizona: Short Leash Hot Dogs

Serves up gourmet hot dogs with innovative toppings.


Arkansas: The Original Scoop Dog

Since 1999 they have been serving up frozen custard and Red Hot Chicago 100% pure beef hot dogs.


California: Pink’s Hot Dogs

A Los Angeles landmark known for its celebrity-named dogs.


Colorado: Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Features exotic meats like reindeer and wild boar.


Connecticut: Super Duper Weenie

Famous for its New England-style hot dogs.

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Delaware: Dog House

A favorite for its classic, no-frills hot dogs.

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Florida: Pincho Factory

Known for its Latin-inspired hot dog creations.


Georgia: Nu-Way Weiners

Serving hot dogs since 1916 with their famous chili.

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Hawaii: Puka Dog

Offers Hawaiian-style hot dogs with tropical relishes.


Idaho: The Hot Dog Guy

A local favorite with a variety of toppings.


Illinois: Portillo’s

Famous for their Chicago-style hot dogs.


Indiana: Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney Island Wiener Stand

A staple since 1914.

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Iowa: Ted’s Coney Island

Since the 2005, they’ve been serving classic Coney Island & Chicago dogs.

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Kansas: Fritz’s Smoked Meats & Superior Sausages

A family run business since 1927, famous for their highest quality of meats, sausages, and hot dogs.

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Kentucky: Red Top Hotdogs

Offers gourmet hot dogs with unique toppings.


Louisiana: Dat Dog

Features a variety of hot dogs including alligator and crawfish sausages.


Maine: Wasses Hot Dogs

A local favorite, especially for their relish.


Maryland: Stuggy’s

Serves specialty dogs like the crab mac & cheese dog.

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Massachusetts: The Scotty Dog

Chicago Hot Dogs, Great Steak Burgers & Rich’s Italian Ice

Lafayette Coney Island/Facebook

Michigan: Lafayette Coney Island

Famous for Detroit-style Coney dogs.

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Minnesota: The Weinery

Offers a wide range of hot dogs and sausages.


Mississippi: Ward’s

A fast-food chain known for its chili cheese dogs and local flavor.

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Missouri: Steve’s Hot Dogs

A St. Louis favorite, known for unique toppings and combinations.

Mark’s In & Out/Facebook

Montana: Mark’s In & Out

A classic drive-in offering traditional hot dogs.

B&B Classic Dogs/Yelp

Nebraska: B&B Classic Dogs

Features a variety of hot dogs including a Nebraska-style Reuben dog.


Nevada: Buldogis

Gourmet hot dogs with a Korean twist in Las Vegas.

Gilley’s PM Lunch/Facebook

New Hampshire: Gilley’s PM Lunch

A Portsmouth institution serving classic New England dogs.

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New Jersey: Rutt’s Hut

Renowned for their “ripper” hot dogs, deep-fried to crispy perfection.


New Mexico: The Dog House Drive In

Featured on “Breaking Bad,” known for its chili dogs.

Nathan’s Famous/Facebook

New York: Nathan’s Famous

The iconic Coney Island spot known for its annual hot dog eating contest.


North Carolina: Zack’s Hot Dogs

A Burlington staple for classic Southern-style hot dogs.

DogMahal DogHaus/Facebook

North Dakota: DogMahal DogHaus

A local favorite in Grand Forks, serving unique hot dog creations.

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Ohio: Tony Packo’s

Offers Hungarian-style hot dogs with chili and a famous pickle topping.

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Oklahoma: Coney Islander

A Tulsa tradition, serving classic coneys with chili and cheese.


Oregon: Otto’s Sausage Kitchen

A Portland deli known for its homemade sausages and dogs.

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Pennsylvania: Johnny’s Hots

A Philadelphia tradition, serving hot dogs, sausages and soups

Olneyville New York System/Facebook

Rhode Island: Olneyville New York System

Famous for their Rhode Island-style wieners with meat sauce.

Jack’s Cosmic DogsFacebook

South Carolina: Jack’s Cosmic Dogs

Known for its sweet potato mustard and blue cheese slaw dogs.

The Original Red’s Grill/Facebook

South Dakota: The Original Red’s Grill

Serving classic hot dogs with a variety of toppings.

I Dream of Weenie/Facebook

Tennessee: I Dream of Weenie

A Nashville hot dog stand with creative, locally inspired toppings.


Texas: Frank

An Austin eatery that specializes in artisan sausages and gourmet hot dogs.

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Utah: J Dawgs

A Provo original, serving polish and beef dogs with their special sauce.

Beansie’s Bus/Facebook

Vermont: Beansie’s Bus

A Burlington staple, serving classic dogs in a converted school bus.

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Virginia: Haute Dogs & Fries

Offers gourmet hot dogs with a variety of sophisticated toppings.

Matt’s Gourmet Hot Dogs/Facebook

Washington: Matt’s Gourmet Hot Dogs

Known for the Seattle-style dog with cream cheese and grilled onions.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs/Facebook

West Virginia: Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Offers a quirky, fun experience with a vast selection of hot dogs, including the famous “Homewrecker.”

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Wisconsin: The Vanguard

A Milwaukee favorite, serving house-made sausages and inventive hot dog variations.

Weenie Wrangler/Facebook

Wyoming: Weenie Wrangler

A food cart in Cheyenne that offers a variety of gourmet hot dogs and sausages.


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