The 15 Most Delicious Foods to Eat in New York

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New York City is known for so many things, and amazing dining is at the top of that list. No matter how many times my husband and I book a flight and spend a date night in the city, we can never eat at all the amazing restaurants on our list or try all of the amazing foods on the list we’ve been compiling for so long. We just can’t do it. But we certainly can make an effort to try, and that’s what counts. The other biggest problem we face is not living in the city and not being able to frequent our favorite spots. That makes the decision when we are in the city even more difficult; do we return to a restaurant we love and adore once again or try something new? It’s always difficult, but we never regret our decision. There is so much food in the city, and you should try it. Even if you only have two days, just stuff your faces with food because you’re going to want to try everything on our carefully compiled list so that you can say you ate the best food New York City has to offer.

Hot Chocolate

You’ll want to track down the City Bakery for this one, and don’t forget. The marshmallows they put in this cup of hot cocoa will make you melt. In fact, we bet you will make more than one stop when you’re in town for this decadent drink.

Chocolate Walnut Cookie

Levain Bakery has the cookie that all the rumors are about; and we are not lying. I read about this cookie before a trip we took to NYC just a few weeks ago and we tracked it down just so I could verify. The cookie is the most amazing thing you will ever put into your mouth. Trust me.

Real Pizza

According to a limo driver we had once in the city, the best pizza comes from any pizzeria outside of Manhattan, so be sure and head outside to get some. We haven’t, because I’m not big on pizza, but people are and it’s worth it.

Real New York Cheesecake

Real New York Cheesecake, friends, does not come from the Cheesecake Factory. Make sure you order some when you are in one of the city’s most amazing bakeries and you will not be disappointed in the least.

Caviar and Vodka

You’ve probably heard of the Russian Tea Room, but have you heard of the Russian Vodka Room? If not, it’s time to make your way to this amazing location for some caviar and vodka. It’s the most decadent thing you’ll ever encounter.

Dresden Stollen

The Balthazar Bakery is so famous for this amazing little pastry, and it speaks for itself. Hunt it down and eat it while you’re here, especially during the holidays. It is worth the million calories I’m sure it contains, but who cares? There are no calories on this list as of right now.

A Bobby Filet

If you’ve not been to Bar Americain, do it now and get one of chef Bobby Flay’s filet mignons. It’s a very casual location and it’s always busy, and this is the reason for that. It’s so good that my husband raves about it, and he’s had filets in places that you’d think are much nicer.

Roasted Cod

The Four Seasons restaurant is gorgeous. In fact, it’s our favorite restaurant in the city and we go as often as possible. The Roasted Cod is among the best I’ve ever had, and it’s such a favorite. And there is nothing like enjoying it in the midst of the Pool Room while dining.


You cannot come to New York City without a trip the Plaza Hotel, and a drink at the Champagne Bar. It is what my husband and I do post-dinner every time we are in the city, and it’s so good. We recommend asking the bartender for a recommendation since they’re all so amazing.

Cotton Candy

Another of our favorites, but only because it’s just so big and so good when enjoyed with a decadent bottle of champagne at the Four Seasons Restaurant. We enjoyed this for the first time on our second wedding anniversary, and it’s one of our favorite memories.

Eggs Benedict

If you’ve not been to the Boat House in Central Park, get over there for weekend brunch and order this dish. It’s the best eggs Benedict you’ll ever have, and I’m such a snob when it comes to this particular dish that I can assure you of this.

Flat Bread and Sangiovese

Take a little detour off Fifth Avenue by Rockefeller Plaza and just look to your left until you see a small little wine bar called Morrells. If you need an afternoon snack, or pick me up from all that shopping, go here. You’re going to find it adorable and amazing, and we never miss a trip here.

Brioche French Toast

If you can make time to eat at an iconic NYC restaurant, make it brunch at Tavern on the Green and order this. So good that it should be a crime, this dish is what dreams are actually made of. We love it, and we can’t even deny how amazing it is to have a dish like this to call your own.

Oysters and Clams

If you make reservations at 21 Club – and you should – be sure to start your meal with the Oysters and clams. As someone who adores a fresh oyster on the half shell, I can assure you that you will absolutely die of happiness when this hits your lips. It’s one of the best Oyster dishes in the city.

Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes

The Four Seasons Hotel is one of the most amazing in the city, and it’s one we cannot help by frequent when we visit. For brunch, try these amazing lemon ricotta hotcakes and then let me know how much you loved them. It’s so worth the trip.

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Michael Kors


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