10 Uses for Honey that You Didn’t Know About


Honey is delicious, and most people have a favorite way of using it. I love honey on biscuits. It happened entirely by accident and it’s something that has never escaped me; it’s so good. While at breakfast one morning with friends, I watched as one put honey on her biscuit and then ate it. I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t want gravy on it since it’s so good, and she said that she just has a thing for honey on her biscuits. I decided I’d see what all the fuss was about and now I’m hooked. And honey is good in so many other things, too. Did you know, however, that honey has some uses you might never have heard of? That’s right; there are so many ways you can use and incorporate honey into your life that you might never have considered. Fortunately for you, we have some suggestions for ways that you can use this delicious side to change your entire life. We’ll go ahead and say that you are welcome in advance.

Lip Moisturizer

If you’re like me, you are completely addicted to Chap Stick and you cannot live a day without this in your life. When my daughter actually broke mine the other day, I could not get to the store fast enough to make me feel whole again. However, if you want to have something even more addicting and even more amazing in your life, you’ll consider using this little recipe; just mix some almond oil, beeswax and honey together, save it and use it as lip moisturizer. You’ll never need Chap Stick again.

Stress Less

Many people state that when they have some honey every day, they feel less stressed. It might be the honey itself or it might be the way in which they use the honey. We don’t know. However, it’s worth a shot to have some every day so that you, too, can feel better and less stressed as a whole. We are, after all, very much okay with the concept of less stress and more happiness in life.

Cure Your Hangover

When you mix a little honey with some water and then drink it, you’ll begin to feel better. This is not something I’ve ever tried, mostly because I don’t get hangovers. And while you shouldn’t get to that point in your life, either, sometimes it happens when you don’t even realize it and you need something the next morning to help you feel better. Try this mixture and you will be shocked at how quickly you begin to feel better once you do.

Heal Your Body

All you have to do is apply a little honey to your cuts, bruises and even to minor burns and watch as they heal. For some reason, this is a miraculous cure for things of this nature, and you will find that you feel amazing when you are finished with it. Just keep some on hand, apply it when the need strikes and then watch as your body heals so much faster and so much more efficiently than it would have in the past.

Improve Athletics

So it’s not drugs, and that’s a plus. When was the last time you saw a professional athlete on trial for performance enhancing honey? You haven’t, but it’s something that does work. A tablespoon of honey in a spoon eaten just like that before you engage in any physical activity is going to make you better able to perform. Don’t ask us how, just know that we did look this up and it does seem to be true.

Better Skin

We love anything that offers better, healthier and lovelier skin, and that’s why we love honey. When you mix together honey with ground almonds and a bit of lemon juice, you will find that you have a perfect skin scrub. It’s going to remove dead skin, flush out toxins and remove other things that are just not awesome in your skin for better overall health. It’s just the simplest thing you can do with this kind of stuff.

Great Hair

A little bit of honey mixed with some olive oil is going to make for a great conditioning treatment for hair that is in desperate need of some help. You can make dry hair much moister and you can make damaged hair feel and look a lot healthier by using this recipe once or twice a week. It’s all natural and it’s healthy, so you don’t have to worry about additional damage or anything of that nature happening to your hair.

Cure a Sore Throat

Most people know about this one, but I have the best recipe for it. What I do is stick a coffee mug in the Keurig and run just hot water through it with a cinnamon chai tea bag and then I add a splash of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey and mix. Once it’s finished, I drink it over a few minutes time and it’s amazing to me how must faster I feel better. It helps all day long, too, and sometimes I even swear I feel better as a whole after drinking this mixture.

Healthier Intestines

Ever feel that your intestines are not quite as healthy as they could be? Well, they’re probably not. That’s why you should mix together some honey and some vinegar and drink it. It helps to kill harmful parasites that make themselves right at home in your intestines so that you can live a healthier and more productive life. You will also feel a lot better as a whole, which is always welcome.

Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is good, and that’s what honey has to offer you. It’s healthy because it’s something that you can use to substitute for the sugar you eat regularly, and that’s going to make you feel so much better. Our favorite is to use this instead of sugar in your tea, and to use it in anything else that you make in place of sugar. When you do this, you eliminate a lot of the unhealthy things that you usually consume and it makes you feel a lot better as a whole.

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