Why Should You Create a Family History Book Online?

A family history book online can remind us of those we loved and lost, as well preserve memories we cherish. We all want to live a life that means something. We want those who come after us to remember who we were  and what we contributed to this life. When we stop to consider, we truly do want to leave something valuable for family members, friends and others to remember us by. Sometimes the best way to remember our own story and our families history is by writing life stories.

When we read an obituary, it only gives us a tiny glimpse of a person’s life. But a family history book posted online will show much more. When we share the life stories of our families and friends in an online memorial, we can record so many memories and details we loved about a person. Writing in general is therapeutic. Writing life stories about our loved ones is even more therapeutic and comforting. Writing is also an effective way to deal with grief. An online memorial can be posted on http://www.blogger.com or you can design an official website and get your own domain name. Keeping a special blog or website can keep sweet loving memories alive and help you celebrate the life of a precious loved one whose passed from this life. Plus, when you share it online people from across the globe can view and comment. Here are some helpful tips that will help you deal with grief by creating your family history book online:

1. Gather pictures of loved ones, as well as cards, letters and other mementos
2. Scan and upload them to your computer
3. Get a journal or note-book for writing life stories
4. Commit to writing your family history book by setting a word count goal
5. Call family members and ask them questions to help jog your memory
6. Begin jotting down everything you remember and post to your blog or memorial website daily
7. Rest in begin posts to help you remember even more
8. Make a goal of posting at least 50 words a day

Before you know it, your online book memorial for a loved one whose no longer with you, will be finished and ready to share. You’ll soon have your own blog or website to share family life stories and memorials for loved ones.