Fixing a Small Burn in Your Carpet

A burn in your carpet can easily be repaired by using a replacement piece that is from an area that is out-of-the-way of hidden from view. This is also a solution if you have a small stain that is on an open area of carpet in a bedroom or other room in your home. Replacing a small piece of carpet with a small burn is less expensive than re-carpeting the room.

Place the bottom of tin can or a plastic glass over the top of the burn on your carpet. Make sure that the burn is completely covered and then trace around the can or glass with a permanent marker. Cut around the outside of the outline on the carpet with a utility knife. Press the blade of the utility knife down into the carpet. You only need to cut the carpet and not the pad.

Remove the cut piece of carpet from the floor and set it aside. Place a strip of masking tape to one side of the carpet and make a mark to indicate the direction of the fibers. Take your tin can or glass and find an area in your home with the same type of carpet such as a closet.

Trace the can or glass can then cut out the piece of carpet. Remove the carpet from the floor and take it to the area for the repair. Cut one to two strips of double-sided carpet tape and place one side down onto the carpet pad. Remove the backing from the tape and then align your replacement piece with the mark for the carpet fiber direction.

Press the replacement piece of carpet onto the carpet tape. Trim any stray carpet fibers from around the edges of the repair with a pair of scissors. Blend the carpet fibers together to hide the repair.