Three Quick Fixes to Cutting Corners on Your Budget

When we start thinking about saving money one of the first things that always comes to mind is the household budget. Where can you cut corners? Are you paying for anything that you could really do without? While it may not be enjoyable to sacrifice things like satellite and cell phone data plans, the extra surplus in your bank account at the end of the month can make a big difference.

Here are three quick fixes to your budget……

Satellite/Cable Bill

Most of us with satellite or cable pay anywhere from $80 to $180 per month just for TV. You have to ask yourself this question, “Do I really need all these channels?” Do you honestly watch them all? What else could you do with that money every month if you weren’t spending it on TV? Now that we have things like instant streaming and video on demand via inexpensive services like Netflix and Blockbuster, the need for expensive TV packages is almost nil.

Cell Phone Data Plans

Paying for a data plan can seriously increase the cost of your cell phone bill every month. It’s a luxury that many of us shell out big bucks for when we don’t really need it. If you’re a stay at home parent with access to the internet all day everyday via your PC, you could probably stand to do without the smartphone and the data plan. And even if you’re not, you’ll get by just fine without it. Think about it — most of us went all these years without access to the internet on the go and we fared just fine! You will, too.

Grocery Savings

Are you really shopping smart at the grocery store every week, or do you just grab what you need without paying attention to prices and get out of there as fast as you can? You don’t have to become an extreme couponer to cut back on how much you spend on groceries. Just pay attention to coupons, including the ones your grocery store prints off for you at the register, and glance through them before each shopping trip. Pull out the ones you know you’ll use and use those. Also, start paying attention to the sales. Many people save big by simply waiting to use coupons until their favorite items are on sale. It’s occasionally possible to get things free in this way.

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