Where to Buy Items that Look Expensive But Aren’t

We all make mistakes. Women are perfectly flawed creatures. I’ll share with you the mistakes I once made. There was once a time – in the not so distant past – when I wouldn’t purchase anything that wasn’t designer or expensive. I wouldn’t dare put on a dress from Target or even consider stepping foot into a teeny bopper store in the mall.

However, I am now a changed women (okay, since having kids I realized that I really didn’t want to cry anymore tears over completely ruined $400 dresses when my cleaner told me there was nothing he could do to remove whatever it was my kids got all over me). I made the decision to start looking elsewhere for clothes that I still love and are still stylish, but that wouldn’t make me cry if my daughter’s ruined it. That’s when I discovered that I can still look like a million bucks without spending it.

Teeny Bopper Stores

Really, I am ashamed to admit that I do buy things from Forever 21, despite the fact that I’m nearly a decade past that age. I skip right by the trendy section and head straight for the dresses. I’m sorry, but there is nothing that makes cheap denim, imitation cashmere, and faux leather look good. There are some things that you just have to spend money on. However, this is a great store for summer dresses because you can pick out anything chiffon or cotton and look good without spending too much money.


You can pick out the cutest little things for around the house, for kids, and for gifts on this site. Everything is really inexpensive and you won’t be upset if the kids knock it over and break it, because you can easily replace it.


Ever dreamed of looking like the Duchess of Cambridge, but don’t have her budget? This site has some amazing items and they are very inexpensive. Nothing here looks cheap, it just is cheap.

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