Should You Pay Taxes With Your Credit Card to Get The Points?


Yes, you can use your credit card to pay taxes but here we’re going to tell you how and why.  While this may not seem like a good idea, it can be as long as you are financially responsible. Remember that most people can earn a considerable amount of points from using their credit card to pay their taxes. However, you should not use your credit card to pay your taxes if the points earned and the charges do not add up.  You do not have to be a tax professional to get the math right, but try and understand the charges you will incur against the points you are likely to earn for using your card.  In the case you are not sure how to balance the points and the charges, you can consult an expert or read the relevant literature.  With that said, here are five reasons it could make sense to use your credit card to pay taxes.

Balance vs Points Gained

There are a number of sites that you can use to take advantage of the balance between the charges and points gained. That way you are able to pay your tax and earn extra points with your credit card service provider.  Generally, the points are considered worthy if you can take advantage of them to buy the services from various providers at a cheaper price.   Be sure the numbers are working in your favor.  Usually they will but remember to call your credit card company to get the most out of your card.  They won’t want to lose your business so you can usually ask for more points,  credit, etc etc so yo don’t move to a competitor.

Write Offs and Target Spending

You can use your credit card to make payments for your taxes when you can write off the cost that you are charged for processing the payments.  This is mostly used as a business expense. If you need to reach a particular target of spending with your credit card, paying taxes is a great way to reach that target.  If you use the best channels, you are likely to earn points that are way more than the charges you are going to pay in the process.  Again, make sure the numbers are in your favor.

Hand held devices

Tax payment platforms, credit card services, and professional tax experts can all be accessed online. The best thing is that almost all of the mentioned web systems are very secure and you are not likely to suffer from hackers.  It’s important to know that you do not have to enroll in the tax experts websites to identify the loop holes in the system. Simply understand the points you earn from your credit company and the various charges you are likely to pay for tax payments using your credit card. For example, the payment processor for the tax payment will charge a processing fee. If you know the figures, you can subtract the processing cost from the earnings and realize the gain.  The IRS has provided the fees you are likely to incur when using various methods to pay taxes. Obviously, the charges vary depending with the service provider.


The fourth reason you should use your card is offers that can help you. If there is an offer or great reward for using your card, this is the easiest way to reap the maximum points.  However, make sure that the points earned outweigh the fees and your life will be easy. Here you can enjoy paying your taxes and earning credit card points at the same time.

Grace Period

Finally, credit card companies provide a grace period which is mostly interest free and thus you can make use of this time to get the relevant resources together and pay for your taxes. Once you have done the math, you can easily enjoy the rewards on your credit card. If you pay a large tax bill, you are surely going to reap more benefits.


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