Prevent Buyer’s Remorse When Shopping for a House

Buyer’s remorse; we all experience this from time to time. Perhaps it was the convertible that seats two because you wanted it, only to realize a month later that you cannot even go grocery shopping in it. Maybe it was the neon green patent leather Kate Spade stilettos that matched the dress you bought to wear to your baby shower that you later realized are just hideous. It’s one thing to realize your car or shoes are not really functional, but you certainly do not want to realize that the home you purchased is not exactly what you thought it was. These three tips might help you prevent buyer’s remorse on the biggest purchase of your life.

Get the Secondary Inspection

One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make and one of the biggest reasons they experience buyer’s remorse is the fact that they do not take advantage of the secondary inspections they are advised to have. Buyer’s remorse is going to happen after you turn down that secondary inspection only to realize that it would have located the $5,000 cost of repairing that leaking roof prior to purchasing the home. Now you’re out $5,000.

Consider the Costs

You know that buying a home is expensive, but when you don’t budget for things such as your homeowner’s insurance and your homeowner’s association fees, the home you loved more than anything might become the bane of your existence. Never buy a home without taking into the consideration the cost of maintaining that home.

Check Out the Neighborhood

You should never, ever buy a house without looking at the neighborhood. The last thing you want to do is buy a home that is in a neighborhood you hate. Make sure you check out local supermarkets, amenities, schools, entertainment, and even the neighbors. Drive by at different times of the day and night for a good idea of what kind of neighborhood it is. Everything might look great on Tuesday afternoon but when you see the neighbor’s 10 empty boxes of beer on the sidewalk on trash day Wednesday morning, it might raise a red flag.

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