Five Products You Should Spend More Money On

Now-a-days, everyone seems to cut costs by purchasing generic brands, skipping take-out, and opting for the sale rack. There’s nothing wrong with frugal shopping habits, but some products are worth the high price-tag. Quality products that work well and last long aid in long term saving and spending. Don’t waste your precious cash on flimsy back-packs year after year, when you could buy a Jansport that will last you a life time. Stop losing savings on poorly-made products, here are the five quality products you should spend more money on.

1. A Dependable Winter Coat

A well made winter coat will last you years and save you hundreds.  There’s no reason to skimp out on a quality coat just to save a few bucks. More than likely, that cheap coat won’t last through the brutal winter and you’ll have to fork over another wad of cash for a brand new one come next December. Purchasing an expensive, durable winter coat is worth every penny in the long run.

2. A Quality Mattress

Don’t sacrifice your precious sleep for a lumpy box-spring bed. A good mattress may dabble in the thousands when it comes to price, but a good night’s rest is a necessity for humans to function at our best. A quality, well crafted mattress will provide you with decades of sweet sleep. Save up and invest in a Tempur Pedic memory-foam mattress or the mattress of your choice. You’ll save thousands over time by choosing a fantastic place to sleep soundly.

3. Durable Shoes

I can’t stress this one enough. A reliable pair of sneakers and a tough pair of boots are positively worth a hefty price-tag. Do some research before you purchase a new pair of shoes to determine if they’re really worth the cash. A solid pair of shoes should last you a couple years of every day use and provide you with top level comfort. Pick yourself up a pair of Doc Martin’s and you’ll never have to buy another pair of boots for ages.

4. Fresh and Healthy Food

We tend to take food for granted when we consider quality. But, you’ll notice a change in your health once you switch to more organic and fresh ingredients. There’s nothing wrong with generic brand cereal, but if you can spare the extra cash consider spending it on some more nutritious food for you and your family. It’s frustrating that a box of CoCo Puffs is cheaper than healthier alternatives, but it’s important to take initiative and make nutrition a long term priority.

5. Reliable Skin Care Products 

Beauty products, moisturizers, scrubs, and soaps prove pretty pricy these days. But, products from Aveeno and Dove, while expensive, last quite awhile and show some spectacular results. Don’t skimp on the skin care products. Cheaper products usually mean poor results. Save time and money by buying quality brands.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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