Great Low-Cost Ways to Surprise Your Kids at Christmas

Kids Making Christmas Cards

Every child deserves a magical Christmas and it’s every parent’s dream to provide just that. It is one of the best moments in every child’s lifetime. Children look forward to the Christmas period with great expectation and the last thing you want to do is crash their cute little dreams when the time comes. After all, it is the time for fun, family reunion and plenty of gifts. Though the budget might not always be flexible, here are a few suggestions about how you can put together great treats and surprises for your little angels. It gets easier when you understand your kids’ interests:

Christmas Decorations

Decorations help to set the mood for celebration. Browse the best deals around your area. You do not need to buy a real tree, as this could be a bit costly. You could get one that can be stored and used for the next Christmas. Go on a drive-by pinecone collecting mission to use for decorations. You need to get creative with decorations if you are to save some cash. Use whatever is available within the house first. You will come to appreciate how easy it is with a little creativity. Consider using paper cuttings. Let the kids help in cutting out various shapes and coloring them. They will enjoy the decorating adventure. Use some colored ornaments, popcorns, candy wrappings, glitters, old clothing, ribbons or even greeting card cuttings. Use empty food jars to paint the snowman. Let them blow out and hang balloons where they choose. Involving the kids is a guaranteed fun activity for them.

The Gifts

It is cheaper to obtain second-hand toys from your local thrift store. Sanitize the toys and wrap them up using homemade wrappers. Most of the times they are really in good shape and you can get more for less. Tradeoff some of the items you no longer need at a local consignment store to buy more gifts if you have a large family. Create a scavenger hunt for them by hiding some small gifts somewhere in the house and send them to find them. This will occupy their Christmas morning and keep them entertained.

Encourage the kids to pick out gifts for each other and hand-write personal messages on the gifts to foster the spirit of giving and unity.

You could also organize a trip to a nearby shelter where they can donate whatever they would like to in the spirit of giving. It will help them learn something different and appreciate what they have as well.

Call Santa

Leave clues that Santa visited and left some gifts for them. You could sprinkle bits of carrots around for them to find in the morning – which you can explain as remnants from Santa’s reindeer food that dropped as he hurriedly scampered away to deliver gifts before time is up.

Go as far as surprising the kids with a live Santa call to further spice up their Christmas Eve. This impressionable free service assures the children of Santa’s visit and gets kids working at being good as it kind creates that personal rapport with Santa. With premium service, you can personalize the call with your child’s name and the call can be scheduled to suit your need.

Christmas Vacations

Another fun way to make the kids time magical is to break routine for a moment. For instance, you could all bring your sleeping bags to the living room, have storytelling time, and sleep the entire night. You could even take it further and camp outside the house during Christmas Eve. It will surely be a memory to cherish.

Cut down the spending on gifts and take them to the zoo or nearby animal shelter so they can play with the animals and feed them. If you have the time for it, prepare homemade brunch and serve it after the trip in a public park where they will have all the space to run around and probably meet other kids.

There is really no reason why any child should not have a memorable Christmas holiday. Money does not always equal fun. Besides, after the festive season, life goes on and it would be unwise to have spent everything on Christmas.

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