Why You Should Give Meditation a Shot

One of the best ways to relax and de-stress is meditation. It calms you and helps you get into a state of tranquility after a long day of work. It helps relieve the tension and pressures of the day and diffuses your stress. Indulging in a short meditation session is something I love to do after a particularly busy day, allowing myself to let go of all the small frustrations I felt and the buildup of worry I accumulate. It clears out my brain and gives me a chance to reorganize afterwards, re-evaluating what’s actually important and what I can let go of.

If you’ve never meditated before, it’s easy. Find a quite, comfortable place in your house. This can be in your favorite chair, your bed, or just a carpeted floor. Whatever works best for you. You can also be in any position you want. The stereotype of the crossed legs and hands on the knees certainly works, but you don’t have to sit like that. Again, it’s a matter of comfort; you can even lie down if you’d like.

Once you get settled in, work on clearing your mind. This can be difficult at first, but just try to let go of your thoughts and imagine a blank slate. Even out your breathing while you do this –slow and relaxed is key.

Try to maintain your state of nothingness, kicking out any niggling thoughts that try to pop up and distract you. Keeping this state will become easier the more you practice. And once you’re comfortable enough with that simple state of mind you can even start imagining yourself in a serene setting. Walking on a beach at night is one of my favorites, but a nice garden or a meadow would suffice as well. Try to keep the image of that place in your head and imagine yourself there, enjoying the sun on your skin or the breeze in your hair –it’s whatever floats your boat. Just remember to keep your breathing even, and pestering thoughts out.

Once you feel relaxed and renewed, feel free to bring yourself out of your imaginary place. Go back to the blank slate, focusing on your breathing, and then come back to reality. Open your eyes and look around you with new appreciation. Life is beautiful.

For more simple meditative exercises, check out this website.

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