Why Volunteer Work is Good for Your Life

Volunteer work is something that many people do. For the most part, they do it for others. Everyone has a different reason for volunteering, and it’s not always selfless; not that there’s anything wrong with that. For me, I enjoy volunteering for two reasons that are neck in neck; I love the feeling I get helping others and I love being able to give back to people who need it. I want to be one of the people that the temporarily down and out look back on in the future and think; because of the people willing to help me, look at all that I’ve accomplished.

I know people who volunteer because they were forced to do so at a young age and grew to love it. I know those who do it because they feel it will right a wrong or get them a one-way ticket to Heaven. Whatever the reason, doing the volunteer works is the important part. What you get out of it is secondary. However, you might be surprised exactly how much you benefit from volunteer work.


When you take the time to volunteer, you are making connections with others. You are making connections with people who might be so down on themselves that your smile makes all the difference. You are connecting with people who want to give back and you are connecting with companies and charities that want to help.


Volunteer work is often misconstrued as boring or difficult. It’s not. As long as you find the type of volunteer work that makes you happy, you will have a lot of fun donating your time and resources to help others.

It’s a Confidence Booster

What else can you do in life that makes you feel as confident as volunteer work? Few things are as rewarding and come with such thanks. The way that it can make you feel is indescribable and lovely.

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