The Top Four Healing Vacations To Take

Awesome locations and healing energies means these wellness retreats soothe the body and mind. Look at some of the best healing vacations available.

1. Spiritual sanctuary

The island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand has long been favored by Buddhist monks as a spiritual retreat. The Buddhist monks believe that a unique aura that enlightens their spiritual path and helps them connect better with the universe.The monks have stayed many times in the caves on the island’s deep jungle hillsides. And it was on one of these pilgrimages that founder JohnStewart kept on going back to treat recurring health problems. John and his wife were also looking for a site to open their health retreat. He had previously spent one year in India, living as a yogi. So for him the cave was a sign that he needed to build his dream health retreat. The cave is situated in the heart of the Kamalaya, lending an aura of sacred energy to the retreat. It’s tastefully built across the steep hillside amid lush tropical vegetation like an enchanted village, with gorgeous views of the sea and surrounding islands. The top views are for the wellness sanctuary itself. John says he never wanted Kamalaya to be a hotel with a spa; rather a wellness centre with rooms. The wellness center entails western medicine, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. There are more than 80 therapies and treatments on offer. Guests can choose a program designed to invigorate, restore,  optimal mind and body therapies. The restaurant and cafe offers low allergy, low GI vegetarian detox dishes among the wide variety of delicious Asian and Western cuisines. Kamalaya recognizes that sometimes people want indulgence, they also offer desserts, ranging from fruit to ice cream and soufflés. The staff are wonderful and help the guests achieve their personal goals. Whether its to simply enjoy a holiday with a little yoga thrown in or to participate in a structured wellness program. Visit  for more information.

2. Mountain magic

There is a magic feeling in the air at Rancho La Puerta, Mexico. The 1,200 hectare wellness resort lies at the foot of mystical Mount Kuchumaa, which local people call the ‘exalted high place.’ The 1, 185 meter mountain was once a place of initiation for spiritual leaders. These days is continues to work its magic on visitors to Rancho La Puerta. Hikers who trek through the wild meadows and foothills to the summit at dawn are rewarded by vistas of huge granite boulders, seas of lilac, bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Some say the stark beauty clears their minds and they’re reminded of what’s really important in life. Others find their bliss elsewhere. Founded by health and fitness pioneers Edmond and Deborah Szekely in 1940, the ranch has a world renowned program that’s a mix of exercise, stretching and relaxation, which ranges from meditation and spa treatments to simply lounging in a shady hammock in the gardens. The resort’s organic farm grows much of the healthy semi vegetarian cuisine served in its dining hall as well as healing plants for its spa treatments. For more information visit

3. Therapeutic waters

The thermal baths of San Casciano dei Bagni in Tuscany have been renowned for therapeutic properties since the time of the ancient Etruscans. In Renaissance time, a thermal resort built by the ruling Medici family attracted visitors from the whole of Europe. Today the Medici residence has been expanded and turned into a five-star spa hotel called Fonteverde, with seven thermal pools of different sizes. Guests can simply bathe in warm, mineral rich waters to ease muscle aches and moisturize the skin, or select from more than 100 different spa treatments on offer. The medieval villages, vineyards and olive groves of the surrounding Tuscan countryside are never far away. But you will be hard pressed to find a better holiday experience than lounging in the hotel’s indoor/outdoor infinity pool looking out over the rolling hills, especially at sunset. Visit for more information on the thermal resort.

4. Earth energy

When you arrive at Gaia Retreat and Spa, nestled amongst the green valleys and hills near Byron Bay in northern NSW, you know you’re in a special place. Singer Olivia Newton John and her friend Gregg Cave, who co owned the property with two others, felt it when they stumbled across the property while looking for a house for Gregg. Olivia, who had recently lost her mother, was so moved that she named the retreat Gaia or ‘spirit of mother earth’. Aboriginal elders later told them the area was recognized as ‘women’s land’ used for women’s rituals and healing work. Two natural energy lines meet at the top of the hill, making it a place of great importance. Guest who start their day with yoga at the summit lookout or guests that just want to relax and absorb the breathtaking views feel relaxed. Gaia provides a spiritual environment to relax and rejuvenate. For more information visit

All the retreats provide healing energies at the wellness retreats to restore mind, body and soul. Enjoy! See you there.







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