The Truth About Four Common Myths

Remember when you were growing up and your parents told you not to cross your eyes unless you wanted them to stay that way forever? Or how about the time your friends told you not to eat pop rocks and drink soda at the same time or you’d explode into a million tiny pieces of your former self? At the time, you held these truths to be self-evident. Now, you know that they were just myths. However, those aren’t the only myths you think you know; there are plenty of myths that you may not be aware of. Fortunately, we are here to clear up these common myths for you right now.

Reading in the Dark

Reading in the dark will not make you go blind. The only thing reading in the dark will do is make it more difficult to read. Imagine that; reading in the dark is more difficult than reading in the light. I’m sure you are all shocked.

Carrots and Your Eyesight

You may think that eating carrots will improve your eyesight, but it won’t. Unless you have a deficiency of Vitamin-A, you won’t get any benefit from eating carrots.

You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain

This is not true. The world would be full of complete idiots if this were true (I know, it seems like it already is). However, you use your entire brain, you simply don’t use it all at once. Much like your vehicle, you have a lot of different parts that work at different times.

Gum Takes 7 Years to Digest if You Swallow It

Nope. Not even remotely true. What is true is that your body is not able to digest a portion of gum, but it doesn’t end up stuck in your body for seven years. It simply moves through your digestive tract undigested until it makes its way out of your body.

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