What is Responsive Design and Why Do You Need it for Your Website?


Websites are sometimes confusing. We see them one way on our phone and a different way on our computers. Some are easy to navigate and work like a dream. Others are a bit more complicated and difficult to work with. Some are even a little bit annoying when you have to change the way you look at things, resize your screen and you can’t read all things on one page without scrolling since the size won’t change based on the device on which you are browsing. This is where responsive design comes in. It’s a type of website design designed to make it easier for sites to be viewed by people. The sole purpose of responsive design is to provide the most comprehensive and optimal viewing experience for people online so that it’s easy to navigate and simple. It’s actually just a dream come true for those who use sites that are a little bit less desirable with which to work. With that in mind, you might want to know if it’s something you need to consider for your own website.

With changes to web design and technology happening just about every second of every day, it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming to realize that you might need to start over once again (essentially) but it’s not something you should worry about too much. You can do this and make the changes that provide an overall better viewing experience for your followers. This is going to change the face of your business, and that’s why your site needs it. It’s a simple solution to those pesky website issues your followers, fans and customers experience. It’s going to make your site more desirable, which is going to increase the traffic flow you experience. More traffic, more visualization, more customers, more success; that’s why you need responsive design.

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for DELL

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