A Quick Tip for Saving Money: The Dollar Store

Everyone wants and needs to save money; it’s a fact of life for everyone that’s not some hot-shot actor or the president. And right now, especially in the States, everything seems expensive. Prices have been raised on things like gas, food, clothing, and anything else you can think of. Shopping can be stressful as you dread to look at the price tags on things you need. And sometimes there’s no avoiding paying the few extra dollars. It’s a sacrifice we’re all making.

As a college student I have learned quite a few tricks for saving money. I shop at thrift stores and compare prices on almost everything at different stores. But there’s one place that you just can’t beat for shopping and that’s the dollar store. Around my area we have The Dollar Tree, but there are different variations of these kinds of stores all over the place. And the name does not lie -everything inside is a dollar or less! For anyone trying to save some extra cash, that’s beyond wonderful.

I’m not saying you can get everything you need at these kinds of stores. Sometimes the quality of the items is not always the best, and they are not always going to have what you’re looking for. But there will be plenty of times when you’ll go in and find just what you need for the house or your kids. It’s a great place for birthday cards, cheap snacks, household supplies (glassware, spatulas, oven mitts, and the like), holiday decorations, and sunglasses. And it’s nice to know that buying ten things is only going to be ten dollars (plus tax, but it’s not that much).

Plus, if you’re the adventurous kind of shopper, dollar stores are usually filled with interesting things that you never thought you wanted or needed. The other day, when buying a birthday card for a friend, I found some glowstick wands, fairy wings, and tons of crossword puzzle books.

My piece of advice is to look through your local dollar store first. You don’t want to go somewhere else and pay more money for something when you don’t have to. And saving money on the mundane things, means more money for the fun stuff!

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