6 Economical Gifting Ideas to Win Your Partner’s Heart All Over Again

When you want to surprise your boyfriend/husband, less can sometimes be more. Instead of spending a lot on a handful of ostentatious gifts for your partner, you can spend the same amount to present him with several meaningful items.

As “just because” gifts are independent of timelines and milestones, you can take the liberty of selecting the theme of the gift. It can be something that complements his personality, something he will likely use regularly, or an item he has been meaning to buy for a long time. The key is to go for a unique gift that is inspired by the bond that you two share.

You don’t need an occasion to celebrate love. Draw inspiration from the following gifting ideas to express love to your partner anytime you like:

1. Make Your Own Memorabilia

What better way to cherish your love than to hand-make memorabilia for your loved one? All you need is a flipbook or a large drawing board, some tools, and your favorite photographs. Select a few great family photos of the two of you. Go for the bright and cheerful ones, and add tiny notes highlighting the stories behind the photographs.

Along with these images, you can include a handwritten letter for him with thoughts from you and other people he is close to. Arrange these pieces in the best way possible and voila, a beautiful memory book/board is ready to make him smile! You can even purchase a readymade photo book to simplify the process.

2. Hide Love Notes for Him to Find

With text messages and emails taking over, love letters and notes seem to be obsolete now. However, presenting a handwritten letter is one of the easiest ways to make someone feel special. Add a twist to the conventional way of posting a letter by hiding simple love notes around the house or his workstation.

This will surely take him by surprise and cheer him up at unexpected times. You can place these notes inside his clothing drawers, in his wallet, under his coffee mug, or clip them to the newspaper. Take things a notch higher by making a trail of letters for him to follow and discover!

3. Assemble a Customized Beard Grooming Kit

Whether or not your man sports a beard, he will enjoy owning a customized beard grooming kit, like most men do. Buying shaving accessories every now and then can be a hassle for most men. You can get him a personalized beard grooming kit that includes products like beard oil, whisker wash, and moustache wax, apart from the regular items.

If your partner already has all these accessories, then you can upgrade the kit to a rechargeable one. This pocket-friendly kit uses self-cleaning techniques to make sure that the trimmer is ready for next use.

4. Go for a Hug Pillow

Hug pillows or Dakimakura (in Japanese) are life-size soft pillows that can enhance the quality of sleep. Such a pillow can be a boon for people who have trouble falling asleep. Body pillows can be extremely comfortable, and offer more than sheer comfort. Gift one to your partner to help them relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Select a body pillow based on your partner’s preferences as these are available in various shapes and designs. For instance, a Granblue fantasy Dakimakura can be used for comfort, and supporting and relaxing your muscles.

5. Slim Wallets with His Initials

Most men like to travel light and on several occasions, all they need are just the essentials, like identity card, credit/debit cards and some cash. It can be quite inconvenient to have a bulky wallet protruding of the back pocket of the trouser. This is precisely the problem that a slim wallet can solve for your partner.

Avoid spending too much on the wallet by checking out some great online offers. Several websites have wallets ranging from five dollars to hundred dollars, making it easier to avoid overspending and selecting one based on the preferred type, style, and special features. Get your partner’s initials stitched/embossed on the wallet from a local store to add a personal touch.

6. A Pocket Square to Complete His Formal Attire

Wearing a pocket square as an accessory with a suit can add sophistication to your man’s look. It will allow him to try a different look without spending money on multiple suits.

Pocket squares can be worn with suit jackets for a semi-formal look. Seek help from a male friend for a guy’s perspective or if you’re unsure about picking one.

To Sum Up

Making small gestures, like presenting surprise gifts, can be an easy way to show your partner that you are thinking about him and bring a smile to his face. Even an ordinary gift, like a pocket square or a wallet can be transformed into something special, if you present it in an unconventional manner. One of the highlights of arranging small surprises is that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket and the gifting can be executed successfully with proper planning.

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