Celebrate Labor Day With Office Cats on the Job


Is your Cat a Purrfessional? This Labor Day weekend, Furball Fables has two new videos about working cats! Office cats on the Job! What’s it like to work in an office full of cats? Adorable! But how does anyone get any work done? Can office cats help you be more purrductive? In honor of the Labor Day week coming up, meet the Office Cats from the Katzenhaus, Gunnar, (Long haired black cat) Six, (Calico) George, (Big orange) Jax, (Skinny Russian Blue) and Sguiggy (Skinny black cat).

The Cats offer up advice on how to be a cat at the office. So if you’ve been thinking that all your cat does is sit around the house all day. Think again. While many cats are in fact lazy, many are out there burning the midnight oil just like we are! So the next time you haven’t seen your cat all day, make sure you give them a nice big can of Tuna. Oh, and enjoy your labor day!

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