10 Kooky Pieces of Cat Logic Every Owner Understands

Cat Logic 2

Of all domesticated pets, I’ll go on record in saying that cats are probably the most independent of all animals.  They have their own special way of doing things.  It’s not that they don’t appreciate or want human companionship, it’s just that they’re extremely particular and understand their own logic in a way that’s very precise and very specific to them.   And frankly I have no issue with that.

What I do have issue with (on occasion) is the actual logic they use.  For example, the picture above.   Why do cats insist on sleeping on a keyboard but ONLY when the owner is there on the computer doing work or writing an email or whatever?  Is there something I don’t know?

Or how about the fact that they’ll only go on you when you’re wearing black?  The precise color that displays all of the fur they’re shedding on you.  It’s this kind of logic we’ll never understand but that cats do.  With that said, here are 10 funny pieces of cat logic that only owners understand.

Cat Logic 3

Cat Logic 4

Cat Logic 5

Cat Logic 5

Cat Logic 6

Cat Logic 7

Cat Logic 8

Cat Logic 9

Cat Logic 10

Cat Logic 1

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