Make Scheduling Easier

Being a woman means that you have a busy schedule. No matter how you plan things, what you do, or where you are your schedule is hectic. You barely have time to brush your own teeth each morning, yet you have to continue to keep the family schedule in order every minute of the day. It’s not easy being the matriarch of any family, but someone’s got to do it – and we all know that leaving scheduling up to husbands would mean very bad things. If you’re struggling to keep it together this season, here are a few helpful tips that will get your schedule in order and your stress under control.

Go Electronic

Electronic calendars are what make the scheduling process simple for busy families. You can eliminate forgotten children, parties, and appointments simply by syncing your calendars on every cell phone, computer, and tablet in your household so that everyone knows exactly what’s going on at all times. Now dad won’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning on his way home from work and you won’t forget little Susie at her play date.

Create a To-Do List for Each Event

Sometimes the things on your to-do list are impossible to deal with if you forget the things that go with them. Sure, you know you have to sign the kids up for softball on the 3rd, but you can’t do that without copies of their birth certificates and your checkbook. Make a to-do list reminder in your calendars so you have plenty of time to do what needs doing before it’s time to go to your scheduled event.

Schedule 30 Minutes to Schedule

It may seem silly, but spending 30 minutes every Sunday planning your schedule for the week will help you save so much time. You need to concentrate on the five C’s: Checking – your calendar to refresh your memory as to what’s going on this week. Carpool – figuring out who is taking who where and when. Cooking – creating a menu and shopping list for the week’s dinners and lunches. Chores – making a list of things to do and who is doing them this week. Children – scheduling time to help them with their homework and their practices and their other needs.

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