The Only Five Pieces Of Clothing You Need For Fall

There is no need to go buy a bunch of new clothing pieces just because the seasons are changing.  With some careful shopping you can get by with as little as five new clothing pieces.

I know you are thinking it is not possible.  It is if you use your summer wardrobe and layer.

The first essential piece of clothing you need is a cardigan sweater, preferably black or charchol.  Those are fall colors and you can use a cardigan in those colors to wear with your summer camis and jeans or your sundresses and a belt for a cute colorful look.

Secondly, you need some dark leggings to wear with your dresses.  They are also great to pair with tunics and boots.

Speaking of boots, they are item number three.  Boots are so transitional and can go with literally anything.  You can wear them with dresses, jeans, slacks, just about any choice of clothing will work with boots.  Black knee boots are a classic choice.  If you are a girl who is a little trendier, western boots are coming back in a big way this fall.

Fourth, you need a long sleeve little black dress.  You can wear this to work, out to dinner, to parent teacher conferences.  There really is very few occasions this won’t work at.  Better yet, you can make a simple black winter dress fun by adding colorful accessories or textured tights.

Lastly, you need a trendy tunic.  A tunic is also an item of clothing that you can wear many places and for many occasions.  Pair it with some designer jeans for date night with the hubby or with slacks for an upscale look for the office.

When you choose to buy pieces of clothing that can mix and match you are stretching your wardrobe even farther.  These five pieces of clothing will easily take you through the cooler weather season.

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