Cozy But Fashionable Fall Styles

Autumn is here and it has brought in cool breezes, chilly nights, and the beautiful red and oranges of leaves turning color. It is a cozy time of year as we get comfy and slow down our pace from the bright and fast-paced summer months. Instead of cold smoothies we enjoy hot tea, and now instead of a t-shirt and shorts we need long pants and sweater to run our errands.

It’s time to transition our wardrobes, phasing out the summer get ups for more season-appropriate ones. If you’re like me then you have also been faced with the problem of not having enough autumn clothing. It can be a tricky season to shop for –some days can be warm and have the resonance of summer in them, whiles others are a chilly reminder of the winter months to come.

So how do you dress for it? One word: layers. Layers are your best friend in this month. Pair jeans with a t-shirt and cardigan. If you get warm you can take the cardigan off and vice versa.

Boots and tights are also a must, or at least they are for me. Tights make a great way to keep wearing your skirts but keep your legs warms from the slight nip in the breeze. And boots are always great for any fall outfit, and make crunching leaves under your feet all the more fun. Am I the only adult that still does that? If you don’t, you should!

So what about colors? Any colors that you love and are comfortable with are a good choice as far as I’m concerned. I prefer warm, rich colors in these months like crimson red, deep orange, and burgundy, broken up with greys and blacks. I leave most of the bright clothing for spring and summer as I don’t find them as cozy, but that’s a personal preference.

So let’s recap, what are the good essentials? T-shirts and blouses, cardigans/sweaters, jeans, tights, and boots. All are great for layering, so get creative and have fun seeing what works together.

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