Three Awesome Sites for Discovering New Music Online

If you’re not into popular music, the radio can be frustrating. If you’re one of those people who just can’t find the appeal in songs about club dancing, a cheating boyfriend, or getting wasted, finding new music can be a challenge. But fear not! The internet has been making it easier and easier for people like you and me.

There are plenty of sites out there that are designed for discovering new music online to fit your tastes.

The most well known is probably Pandora Radio. All you have to do is type an artist or song that you like in the search box, and Pandora creates an entire station filled with similar music for your listening pleasure. How great is that? You can even get the Pandora app for your phone to hook into your car radio.

Another one of my favorites is ReverbNation. Tons of musicians can be found on this site, from popular artists to local bands. You can search by genre and become a fan of the pages you like. Being a fan gives you email updates about the artist and usually a free download or two for supporting them. Free music? I am always for that.

Musicovery is the newest site for discovering new tunes that I’ve come across recently. There’s a small box filled with smaller colored boxes that move with your cursor. Each part of the larger box represents a different mood and you can pinpoint just how you’re feeling. You click somewhere and a station comes up filled with music geared for that particular mood. There is also an option to search for music you already know if you want to play it safer. It’s a fun site to explore and I definitely suggest giving it a look.

You are now equipped with the proper internet-music tools. Happy listening!

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