The Lorax on the Big Screen

Dr. Seuss has been a household name for decades and his book The Lorax is without a doubt one of his best known and timeless pieces. I had a copy of it when I was a child (to be honest, I still have it!) and it was one of my favorites. The silliness and wonder of a Dr. Seuss book will always tug on my heartstrings and whenever one of those stories is transformed into a different media I am beyond delighted!

Me and my boyfriend went to go see The Lorax (click the link for the official movie website and watch the trailer!) in theaters not that long ago and I was thrilled. I have enjoyed every Dr. Seuss movie I’ve seen and this was no exception. The story has been reworked to make it into a full-length film, but the core of the message and plot is still present. It is a story about the destruction of the environment and how important it is to preserve our Earth. It’s a message that has and will always hold true. And none of that was lost on the big screen. And with the humour of Betty White voicing the grandmother, the ridiculous concept of buying air, and the catchy songs, the story is more accessible to people than ever. The animation is well done and the forest creatures are absolutely adorable. And funny!

If you have kids, bring them to see this movie. If you don’t, drag your friend or significant other to see it with you. And if no one wants to go with you, get yourself a ticket and a big bag of popcorn anyways. You are never too old for Dr. Seuss and you won’t regret your decision to be transported back to your childhood.

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