Duck Dynasty: A Review Of The Funniest Television Show On The Air

Duck Dynasty is a reality show you have got to watch if you want to stay in stitches.  It is a show that is on A&E and has become an instant hit.  Duck Dynasty is about a redneck, or very country, family that has hit instant riches through the invention of a special duck call, the Duck Commander.

The business is real but what makes Duck Dynasty interesting is the family.  The family consists of several main characters as well as many supporting characters as well.  There is Phil and Miss Kay, who are the parents featured on the show.  Phil was the one who began the duck call business in the first place.  Si is Phil’s brother and is the crazy uncle of the bunch.  He is very entertaining and tells a lot of stories about his time in Vietnam.

Phil and Miss Kay have sons that now run the business, Willie, Jace and Jep.  Willie is the CEO of the company.  The wives of Willie, Jace and Jep often appear on the show as well.  Their names are Korie, Missy And Jessica.  They are always dressed in a very feminine manner which is a stark comparison to their heavily bearded husbands.  Korie is the office manager of the business.  The girls are often seen working together at the business or helping Miss Kay in the kitchen.

Some of the funniest shows include Phil and Si handling career day and babysitting the grandchildren.  You will definitely get your fix for laughing when you watch this show.

Each episode closes with the family gathered around the table having a family dinner.  It is also a show that is family friendly and you can feel good about sitting down and watching together with your family.  Make sure you watch Duck Dynasty for yourself and see what all of the laughing is about.

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