Three Simple Points to Improve Your Writing

Writing is something that everyone has to do in their life at some point or another and it can be a tricky business for sure. Your writing should be clear, personable, and to the point –all things that are harder to achieve than you might think.

Let’s dispel some common myths about writing, shall we?

  1. Big, fancy-sounding words are not always better, especially if you’re not 100% confident in using them. Instead of trying to portray yourself as having the brain the size of a planet and writing with a dictionary open at all times, try writing how you talk. It will be much easier for other people to understand you and make your writing process much more bearable.
  2. Longer is not always better. If you can say something in just a few sentences, there is no point in dragging it out any further. Cut out the unnecessary bits in your writing to keep yourself and others from getting lost in a block of text.
  3. Being overly-formal is not the way to go. No one wants to read something that sounds like it was spit out from a machine; they want to know that the words came from a human. Ultimately, we all want to connect with people, so why estrange others through our writing?

Keep these simple points in mind while writing all things: resumes, cover letters, e-mails, or even just simple blog posts. Words are all around us and are a key way that we communicate, especially in today’s digital society. Every sentence you see, whether in a book, a newspaper, or just an online ad, has been thought up and written by someone with the intent to tell you something. If you’d like to study writing more in depth, I highly suggest this book by William Zinsser. It has helped me out a lot. Writing is an important skill to have, cultivate it!

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