How to Make a Candle from an Old Pringles Can

It’s Tuesday night and you’ve just finished off an entire can of Pringles chips during a Netflix binge. You may feel shame in the sheer amount of grease you’ve just consumed, but fear no more! That hollowed-out Pringles tin is a blessing in disguise. Ever wonder if that iconic, cylindrical tube could come in handy one day? Well, that day has come. If you’re looking for a fun and useful DIY project, here’s how to make a candle from an old Pringles can.

What you’ll need to make a 7 inch tall pillar candle: Approximately 1.5 pounds of blended parafin wax, 2 teaspoons of dye, LX16 wick, Pringles Tube (thoroughly washed and dried), blutak, drill, wick holder, making tape.

Step 1: Use a bit of masking tape to mark the center point on the bottom of the Pringles can. Drill a hole through the center point. Make sure the hole is just large enough to fit the wick through.

Step 2: Measure the length of the tube with a ruler. You want the candle to be about 7 inches in height. Cut off the top of the can that exceeds 8 inches. The extra inch will help later on.

Step 3: Thread the wick through the drilled hole and out through the top. Seal the bottom securely with blutack. Center the wick and pull through the wick holder.

Step 4: Divide your wax into three 150g portions and one 250g portion.

Step 5: Divide your dye into 4 portions of varying size (to achieve the gradient effect). Put about half with the 250g of wax and the rest with the other three portions of wax.

Step 6: Melt the first portion and pour it into the tube. Do the same for the next two portions.

Step 7: Pour about 2/3 of the 4th portion of wax into the mold. Place the mold in the fridge. Save the remaining 100g of wax for step 8.

Step 8: Wait a couple hours and you’ll notice the wax has shrunk around the wick. Warm up the remaining wax and fill up the cylinder. Once a skin forms, pop it back in the fridge for a few more hours.

Step 9: Once the mold is noticeably cold all around, carefully cut away the Pringles tube.

Step 10: After removing the Pringles can, rub down the candle with a damp/warm paper towel or cloth. Light up the wick and enjoy your home made pillar candle!

If you’d like to see a visual tutorial on this DIY, check out this helpful video:

 (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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