Effective Ways to Help Homeless Women Vets

Femate Veteran

If you live in a heavily populated urban area, you may notice that homelessness is a prevalent issue. Although there are some homeless individuals who are more visible, as they sleep on the streets and hold up signs asking for money or food, there are others who hide the fact that they have no permanent place to call home.

A Look Homelessness

You may even be surprised to find out that as many half a million individuals, across the country, are homeless on any given night throughout the year. While there are many stereotypes about what a homeless person may look and act like, homelessness affects everyone from the young to old as well as men, women, and families.

Among the population of homeless individuals, approximately 8% are Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq vets; some of them are women. As a woman with a stable job, a roof over your head, and a pantry stocked with food, it may be hard to imagine what it’s like to be a homeless woman. Fortunately, there are ways to help homeless women vets in your community and beyond.

Taking Action

When you see a homeless individual camped out on a park bench or asking for handouts, many people are quick to turn their heads and look the other way. Maybe you’ve been told to never give money to a homeless person or that he or she will only use it for drugs and alcohol.

While there are some individuals who may use monetary donations to feed an addiction, it’s unfair to stereotype all homeless people. Keep in mind, any one of us could be homeless at any point in our lives. Wouldn’t we want help from people in our community? Rather than passing judgment on why someone became homeless, take action and find out ways to end homelessness in your community.


Volunteerism is amazing and there are many organizations throughout your community that can benefit from your helping hands. Why not swap out an hour of your Netflix binging time to help out at the local shelter or food shelf? Have a full schedule? Even volunteering a few days a month or year can be invaluable.

Contact your local women’s shelter or Veteran’s programs to see how you can get involved in helping women vets find a permanent home. If there is a woman who is trying to get a job, offer to assist with interview preparation or giving a ride to appointments and interviews.

Donate and Raising Awareness for Women Veterans

Do you have dress clothes that you no longer wear or are you good at cutting and styling hair? Many women, who are interviewing for job positions, can gain a little extra confidence by having their hair done or wear an outfit that looks professional. Hold a clothing drive among friends, family, and co-workers or create a special fundraising event where all proceeds go to help homeless women veterans.

We all know how much social media can control our lives, but you can also use it for good. Take your fundraising to a social media site or simply raise awareness about homeless women vets and encourage your family and friends to do their part to end homelessness as well.

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