6 Ways to Enjoy College Without Alcohol

Just when you thought the days of peer pressure were over, life in college happened. As a young adult, you may feel more confident saying, “No.” Sadly, sometimes the pressure to drink and try other things is too strong.

Drinking alcohol can be fun, relaxing, and even delicious (if you indulge in high quality booze), but it can lead to a lot of problems, too. Not only is buying alcohol not a worthy investment for a budgeting college student but if you’re underage it’s a risky move.

Don’t forget, too, that drinking and driving is expensive, stupid, and can affect your driving record and your life permanently; you have a big future ahead of you. Wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earned cash on other things than DWI plates and other fines?

While having a drink every now and then is cool, if you are of age, here are other ways to enjoy college without alcohol:

1. Host an Old School Sleepover

Remember the good ol’ days of sleepovers on the weekends with your best friends, watching movies and eating cookie dough? It’s safe to say that most college kids are lacking sleep and could stand to unwind after a long week of classes. Invite a few friends, watch a few films online, and make some popcorn. Bonus? You can lounge in your sweats on a Friday night.

2. Host a Potluck

Hosting a potluck is a great way to test out your culinary skills, try different foods, and hang out with friends. Who doesn’t love to eat a good meal? Create a theme, such as “Make a Dish for Under $10” or something budget-friendly. Swap recipes and encourage friends to bring to-go containers for sharing leftovers.

3. Go For a Hike

If you spend most of your day on campus, you probably don’t get to see much of the great outdoors. Working out at a gym can be expensive and boring. Going for a hike is rejuvenating, healthy, and a great way to get to know where you live.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering looks great when you’re looking for an internship or a job, but it’s free and can actually benefit your health. Volunteer with friends or on your own, it’s a great opportunity to make connections in your community.

5. Take a Community Ed Class

Want to learn how to knit, use a pottery wheel, or brush up on your graphic art skills? Community Education classes are a great way to learn new things without enrolling in an expensive college course or buying equipment. Some classes offer a student discount.

6. Host a Board Game Night

Remember when playing board games kept you entertained for hours on a Saturday night? Revisit some of your childhood favorites. Search the basement the next time you visit home or check out your local thrift store. Invite your friends to bring their favorite board or card game, bring a snack, and ignore all the calls from friends wanting to hit the bar scene.

College life doesn’t need to be a series of hazy memories and being broke. Enjoy some of the more simple things that make you laugh and hangover free the next day.

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