Signs Your Drinking Might Become a Problem


Alcoholism is not a joke. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from making jokes about it. Here’s the deal; a lot of us drink. My husband and I have a glass – sometimes two glasses – of wine every night after our kids go to bed. We have cocktails when watching football games and we always have a drink when we socialize with others (and we all have that one person in our lives who is much easier to tolerate with a cocktail in hand). There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a beverage when you’re out having fun, have dinner guests, or just because a glass of wine and a long soak in the Jacuzzi tub seems like the best idea you’ve had all day long. However, many people drink too much and they don’t even realize it.

You Do It Up on the Weekends

Even if you don’t touch alcohol during the week, you might still have a drinking problem. Those who drink heavily on the weekends without drinking at all during the week have just as much of a drinking problem as those who wake up with a beer in one hand for the duration of the day. There’s nothing wrong with abstaining from alcohol during the week and letting loose on the weekend, but you have to be careful you aren’t downing five or six – or more – drinks at each outing or event all weekend long.

You Don’t Realize How Much You’ve Had

It is one thing to indulge in a glass of wine with dinner and another one after your kids go to bed, but if you wake up the next morning feeling pretty rough before remembering that you actually drank the entire bottle by yourself, you might have a problem. Moderation is the key to good drinking habits. A glass of wine or two every day is a great way to relax and even help prevent some health problems, but more than that is a problem.

Drinking is More Important Than Your Responsibilities

So your kids had a birthday party to attend on Sunday, but since they were with their grandparents on Saturday night you and the girls went out and had a couple drinks and socialized for a few hours. Sunday morning you woke up feeling really rough and decided that your kids could miss the party. When your drinking starts making you neglect your everyday responsibilities, you have a problem.

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