5 Tips to Keep Your Emotions in Check

Some days just seem to never end and can’t get any worse. Today, your 5-year-old spilled grape juice on your brand new sofa, your car caught a flat on the way to work, and you just got a call from your son’s teacher saying that he is failing math. By now you’re snapping at everyone, slamming rice on everyone’s plate, ready to scream, yet, it would be so inappropriate to do so.

Why get so angry over mishaps that you can’t control? Why get frantic over problems that can’t be solved? This is when emotions get the best of us. Here are 5 tips to help keep our emotions at bay.

1.  Eat Super Proteins-  beans, salmon, chicken, cheese, and eggs all  elevate the  feel good hormone in the body called serotonin which is  a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating our moods. If they are low, we tend to be sad, depressed or irritable.

2.  Watch Your Egg Intake- Although eggs do boost serotonin levels, too many eggs can make you overly emotional. Due to the eggs already having hormones as well,  too many combined with our own hormones can affect our mood. Partake of eggs at the most, twice a week.

3. Increase Your Water Intake- Our brains are made up of mostly water. In order for our brains to function effectively, we need to take in the right amount, which is about 10 glasses a day. When we are dehydrated, this makes our brains and overall body work harder and  make our thinking become sluggish. Drinking the proper amount of water helps to clear the mind to aid us in reasoning.

4. Work It Out- Exercise is a major key in overall health. Exercise boosts neurotransmitters- endorphins, which are responsible for feelings of euphoria and love. When you have had a rough day, follow it with a twenty-minute workout and feel those endorphins go to work.

5. Let It Go- Meditation. Meditation allows us to open the mind to reflect on the positive and tap into our higher selves. Meditation helps us to clear our beings of any negative energy that can bring on stress and unhappiness. Choose a quiet spot in the house. Take a few minutes or the time that you need to think. Play wordless soothing music to take your mind to a different place.

These 5 tips will assist in balancing our hormones. The key is being consistent.

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  1. Alice Coaxum Mar 17, 2012
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